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BMC has an intensive and vigorous internship program providing students of different disciplines an opportunity to experience “life in the mainstream”. Working as an intern at BMC, is more than a reputable CV listing. It is a holistic experience to launch a fulltime fulfilling career at BMC as a number of our interns receive offers for full-time positions with tremendous growth prospects.
At BMC, we pride ourselves in offering a work environment combining school knowledge and personal experience to deliver real client challenges.  You will work with and be mentored by seasoned BMC knowledge experts providing you with ample responsibility for specific components of a client project.  This enables to get a 360 – degree perspective on life as a knowledge expert; working on client projects to socializing and learning from colleagues.

Internship Program date : 2/1/2017

“ Experiencing an internship with BMC is more than just an exciting education, it is a wide-open door of opportunity “

Internship Program date : 11/1/2017

” Day one of my internship was a mix of total responsibility for client interaction and monitoring of deliverables making the experience standout. “

Farhana Parveen
Internship Program date : 1/1/2016

“The major highlight of my internship at BMC was the people I related to at all levels personally and professionally; with whom I shared wonderful experiences and learned a lot from”

BMC internships are generally two to three months long but can vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the role and location. If you are selected for a program, we will work in collaboration to understand your interests and assign you to a project aligning your personal and professional goals. Our past interns have solved a range of interesting challenges and we hope the same for you.
Extensive orientation and training sessions are the backbone of personnel development at BMC and are offered throughout your internship to keep you abreast with latest developments in the market place after you graduate.
BMC accepts online internship applications from students who are nearing the completion of their undergraduate or graduate studies.

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