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Mosquito Killer Billboard

Break through R & D effort in collaboration with Reckitt Benkiser; the Mosquito Killing Billboards

BMC Group , the fabrication partners for Reckitt Benkiser introduced an effective mechanical advancement called the ‘ Mosquito Killer Boards’ ; a project that attracts and kills mosquitoes which cause Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya !
Pakistan is a classic case of episodes of Dengue with more than 65, 000 cases reported across the country. In line with the need to do contribute towards the betterment of society, these boards are definitely a one of a kind invention paving the way for mosquito free open air spaces.
These boards can be viewed as ‘standing trees” discharging a solution combining Carbon Dioxide and lactic acid reproducing human sweat, smell and breathing. This combination is capable of attracting mosquitoes even at a distance of 4 km!
The product works on the common understanding that mosquitoes usually fly 4 feet above the ground. Therefore, the catching mechanism is built at the base of the display.
The product has been tested and proves the killing of 100 mosquitoes per billboard a day.
This latest R & D break through acts  as an initiative that not only communicates awareness regarding the disease but also a firm commitment of the organization towards socially responsible projects.