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Revamped Training Initiatives

Innovation is the backbone of all that we do including the training sessions that are a regular feature of the life at BMC Group. Team BMC realizes that successful training programs involve much more than participants learning in an isolated setting, divorced from their real jobs.
Our latest training initiatives are designed through consensus with team leaders, supervisors and training participants focused on improving work place performance and organizational results. They are typically embedded within a wider organizational initiative of self and organizational improvement.
First in the series of these exciting initiatives was the training session on “Change Management” held by Dr Azra Maqsood, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. She is an expert on the dynamics of Change Management. The session included an interactive discussion on the following topics:

  • Importance of Change in organizations
  • Activities contributing to effective change
  • Roles of people in Change management
    • Change Sponsors, Agents , Targets
    • Managing the transition at all levels
    • Critical skills of Change Managers
    • How to sustain momentum